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  • Magnetic Car Signs
  • Multi-color car top light with remote


Help your riders see you when you arrive.

Help your riders see you in the crowd. When you pull up to a crowded location can your riders spot you among all the other cars? With a glowing sign on top of your car your riders can spot you from a distance even before you reach them. Have you ever seen your rider get into the wrong car only to be ejected because it wasn`t and Uber car? Well a lit sign on top of your car will help your riders locate you for faster and easier pickup.

Promote UBER in your town.

With signs and lights on your car, you are advertising UBER. Every time someone sees your car they see "UBER". This is basic advertising and you should be promoting UBER every chance you get. This helps you and every other Uber Partner by increasing the rider customer base. When you pull up to a restaurant, pub or night club others will see your riders get into your car. Maybe, just maybe, next time they will call Uber to get home. Your car looks nice, you got there fast now you want to get your rider in the car fast and it doesn`t hurt that others see you and know who you are.

Helpful Information

You are going to have a reckoning with the IRS when Uncle Sam comes looking for you on April 15 each year. Why not be prepared by keeping track of all your expenses and income on the same smart phone you already use to do your Uber business. Hudlr will help you track all of your business expenses and income and provide summery reports to aid in your tax filling. And it's free, what a deal. Check them out at: http://hurdlr.com/#/uber




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